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Celebrating Cowboy Culture

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Oct 24, 2018
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Heber Valley declares October as “Cowboy” month as hundreds of cowboys, cowgirls and old west enthusiasts make their way to Heber for rodeos, festivals, western music celebrations and to the historic railroad.

Strap on your boots, chaps, and cowboy hats to head up to the Heber Valley “Cowboy” October. Beginning Oct 25 four western themed events come to the Heber Valley that will speak to the cowboy spirit in everyone. 

Gunfights at Heber Valley Railroad - Oct 25, 26–

The rails of the old west were known to be rough, and riders never knew if bandits were waiting around the next bend. Step back in time at the Heber Valley Historic Railroad to see “The Salt Water Bunch” gunslingers battle for the most prized possession of all railroad bandits – the train’s money box! Kids can get their picture taken with the authentic bandits. These family friendly shows will only be here in October.


PRCA Wilderness Circuit Finals Rodeo – Nov 1-3  –

Come see the best of the best cowboys and cowgirls from around the west compete for the top spot and for a chance to make it to the National Pro Rodeo Finals. Featured in the indoor arena at the Wasatch County Event Complex, Thursday is “Date Night” with a two for $20 deal and a $10 meal voucher.

Heber Valley Western Music & Cowboy Poetry – Oct 24 – 28–

What began 24 years ago as a one-night gathering with local cowboy poets sharing poems has grown into multiple days of high quality entertainment at seven different venues and one of the largest gatherings of its kind in the country averaging more than 12,000 attendees each year. John Anderson, Country Hall of Fame Member will be headlining the show on Saturday, October 27 at 7:30 pm.

Mounted Shooters Competition – Oct 25 – 27–

Cowboy mounted shooting is one of the nation’s fastest growing timed event sports, showing horsemanship and shooting ability in a competitive event. Shoot with our black powder guns at balloons on the ground (not horses).

From rough riding gunslingers, to bucking broncs and bulls, to honoring the western way of life through poet and song, the spirit of the old west comes to life this October in the Heber Valley.  





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