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Determination Through the Decades — Small Town Support for a Home-away-from-home

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May 06, 2020
Things to Do

Take a step back in history, back before Heber Valley was settled, the Native American, Timpanogos Utes lived and supported their families by hunting and gathering during the summer months.

Fast forward through time and ranchers, settlers and pioneers came through, making Heber Valley their home.

Throughout the years, Heber Valley has seen people come and fall in love with the area staking their claim to a new life cradled in the mountain valley.

Each of these groups had to survive their own share of hardships and adversities from freezing winters, fear for safety and sickness. Yet, they persevered, creating the sense of community, determination and adaptability that Heber Valley still holds today.

As in history, Heber Valley’s community and businesses have only continued to follow in their predecessors’ footsteps and adapt to challenges. Heber is home, the destination on the map where many find rest and relaxation.

As these businesses continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscape here’s how you can show support to help them thrive.



Nothing makes our businesses happier than serving the community and guests with their wares and services. Each item sold, meal prepared and escapade led brings as much joy to our businesses as they do for you. They are continuously seeking to create quality products and memorable experiences, whether you’re a guest or a local.

Return the support and love to your favorite local businesses by ordering products online if they have a store online. Dining in might not be an option for a little while, but many of Heber’s delicious restaurants still offer take-out and delivery so you can still enjoy the best tastes of Heber.

State Parks like Jordanelle have open locations and trails where people can explore and hike through the stunning valley’s scenic paths. Venture through Heber Valley at a healthy distance away from the next person in the great outdoors of Heber’s playground.

What if you’re not close by?

Far Away

As you reminisce about your past trip in Heber Valley filled with stunning sunsets, decadent foods and adrenaline-filled adventures like ziplining over water. Share your favorite memories on social media.

Dreaming of sinking your teeth into another one of Lola’s Street Kitchen’s burgers? Review them online until you can make your way back for another mouth-watering bite.

Of course, you can always start planning your future trip, choose your adventure with Heber Valley’s trip planner. Find all the activities and places to eat that will make your trip one to remember!
Once you choose your adventure, make sure to post about it on social media! Tag @hebervalley on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using the hashtag #hebervalley.


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