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The Homestead Resort: Fond Family Memories

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Jul 15, 2015
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Last Saturday I finally attend my first ever summer concert series at the Homestead Resort. Sitting comfortably on blanket playing UNO with my five and three year old on the front lawn and watching couples in quiet conversation, and hearing giggles from the gang of kids who had only recently met, it occurs to me the Homestead is more than just a hotel, it’s at the heart of many fond family memories.

The Homestead has been in this valley since 1886 when Simon Schneitter and family first opened their doors to weary travelers looking for good food, a comfortable bed, and to soak away their cares in the therapeutic warm waters of the Crater. Even in those early years guests of the Schneitters knew there was something more, something greater, somethings special about this place.

For years and years the Homestead has been the epicenter of family reunion and holiday traditions for vacationers from all over. Many families fondly recall their perennial gatherings to the beautiful grounds of the Homestead. Today, you would be hard pressed to find an Utahn that doesn’t have some memory of or tie to this hallmark of Midway hospitality.

Even as I sat in the shade of tall 100 year old trees that evening, I begin to sense this feeling as well. I can tell there is a charm, and even a magic, about these grounds. It comes from the beautifully manicured grounds of fresh flowers, green grasses and winding walking paths that make you feel like you’ve found your own secret garden. It comes from the immaculate rooms in over a dozen historic yet comfortable buildings. It comes from the quiet sheltered serenity of the mountains that shadow the resort in the late evening hours.

This is why families keep coming back and why new families love discovering the Homestead. They know this is more than just a place to sleep for the night. It becomes the memory of the first time they swam inside a mountain in Caribbean blue waters. It becomes the memories of father and son playing a round of golf together. It becomes the memory of laughter, storytelling, and story making around a table full of good food. 

The Homestead Resort is one of Utah's greatest treasures with a long legacy of hospitality. Though it's popular for many people, when you walk the grounds you'll still feel like you have discovered one of Heber Valley's special secrets.  



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