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Make the Most of Mealtime

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Apr 28, 2018
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As J.R.R. Tolkien once stated, “If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.”  As families gather together for large reunions in the Heber Valley, the value of tasty food is almost incalculable.  To make your next family reunion—and the world—a merrier place, be sure to read below.

Places to Cook

Have you ever been on a family vacation where one or more family members dominate the dinner discussions?  “What about our picky children” you mutter to yourself as the more vocal members of your party select the most expensive, most non-children friendly restaurants in town.  You can rest assured that a family vacation in the Heber Valley will offer enough dining options for the pickiest of children all the way to the most demanding adults. 

One simple solution is to find a good place to cook.  This will help you provide quick and easy meals for the children (Mac and Cheese anyone?).  Having a home base for cooking can help you eat what and when you’d like—all while saving a few dollars that would normally be spent eating out.  So, where can you go in the Heber Valley to cook your own food? 

For starters, never underestimate the value of grilling your food at a local park.  With many great parks throughout the Heber Valley, a yummy BBQ is just down the road.  If you’re looking for a quality grocery store to find food to be cooked, Lee’s Market is a smart choice.  If you prefer microwaves, stoves, and refrigerators, consider booking a stay at Silver Springs Lodge, the Timber Moose Lodge, or the Mountain Home at Daniel’s Summit Lodge.  Each of these great venues offers plenty of flexibility for cooking the food the way you like it.

Eating Out

Another great dining option is eating out—this will save you from spending excessive time in the kitchen and will give you more leisure time. Eating out is always an intriguing option for anyone wanting to explore new restaurants.  Besides, the setting of a new restaurant is always a fantastic way to make memories.  The Heber Valley boasts more than 30 non-chain restaurants with food options ranging from classic American to superb Chinese foodThroughout the summer and fall months, Tarahumara Mexican Restaurant and Café Galleria provide outdoor dining options, and for families with small children, the outdoor train seats at the Dairy Keen are sure to be a hit.

Finger Foods

At times, cooking in the kitchen, ordering food to your room, and eating out are not enough to keep you going.  What you need is delicious finger foods that you can eat when nobody is looking.  For those who fall into this category (anyone who loves pure goodness), consider stopping by the Suss Cookie Company in Midway to pick up a bag of the world’s tastiest cookies.  The Heber Valley Artisan Cheese factory is another place where your taste buds will be delighted.  Sampling various aged cheeses will be a highlight of your family reunion, but we must provide a warning: you will want to bring home as many blocks of cheese as can fit into your luggage, so pack accordingly.  Finally, for the more adventurous of travelers, we recommend visiting Pepperlane Products where jalapeno jams and jellies are sure to create a tasty explosion inside your mouth.  To help wash down your newly found favorite foods, we recommend stopping by Dottie’s Kolaches where you can find a wide variety of dirty sodas and drinks.

Bonus Advice

In the heat of battle, when your tummy is rumbling, and when your family is getting past the point of being “hangry,” we recommend being fully equipped to meet your dining needs by downloading the free Heber Valley mobile application which lists all the places your tummy desires to go.  With a few swipes of a finger, creating an eating plan for your family reunion will be as easy as pie.  Oh, and did we mention that pie is one of our specialties?

In summarizing the good author’s words, food is the key to a merrier world (and family reunion). Happy [dining] adventures in the Heber Valley!

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