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Wasatch Mountain's Hidden Apple Orchard

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Sep 25, 2013
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Shhhh … you wanna hear a Heber Valley September secret? It’s the Huber Grove apple orchard, one of Wasatch Mountain State Parks most unique features.

Planted in 1885 by Johannes Huber (a Swiss immigrant) and his wife Maria, the Huber Grove still produces apples ready to be harvested every September, even after 125 years! Typically apple trees only produce fruit for 15 years or so. No one’s quite sure why the Huber Grove trees are still bearing delicious apples, but it may be because of Heber Valley’s long, cold winters.  

And the best part? Well, actually there are two best parts—one is that these apples are heirloom varieties not found in stores (I’m a sucker for anything heirloom; they just taste better) and the public is allowed  to come in and pick the apples (although you must make a reservation). The grove is open on weekends through September so while harvest season is almost at end, you’re definitely going to want to put this on your calendar for next year. Spots open up typically in July and go fast!

You can also take a tour of the Hubers’ farm house and creamery where you’ll learn interesting tidbits about the former residents of the farm and see artifacts from their lives. For instance, Johannes and Maria used to give an apple tree to every newly married couple so that apple trees would dot the valley! For more information about the Huber family and their apple orchard, check out this short video

And while harvest may be coming to an end there’s still time to take a tour of the buildings and learn about the area at the annual Provo River Watershed Festival happening September 28 from 10am – 2pm. Rangers will be there to give guided tours and answer questions you have. And come next summer, when it’s 100 degrees outside and you’re eating ice cream, don’t forget to take 10 minutes and plan ahead for an autumn harvest.

For more information on the Huber Grove (and tour schedules), the Provo River Watershed Festival, and Wasatch Mountain State Park call the visitors center at 435-654-1791. 


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