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Heber Valley In the News

Learn about the latest, exciting news in the Heber Valley by scrolling through the stories below.  To view previous years' news stories, click here.

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Sherwin-Williams September Business fo the Month

  • Posted On: 9/21/20 at 04:57 PM
The Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize Sherwin-Williams as our September Business of the Month. Jeremy Wright, and his team at their Heber City store have been here almost a year, and within that short time they have made their mark on the valley.

The Homestead Resort is recognized as the August Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 9/9/20 at 04:32 PM
The Heber Valley Chamber would like to recognize the Homestead Resort as our August Business of the Month. The Chamber recently held their annual golf tournament at the Homestead Golf Club and immediately recognized some changes that had been made at the resort including their amazing customer service. The staff on the golf course were phenomenal. They went above and beyond to ensure a seamless event took place on their course.    

Spin Cafe is Recognized as the July Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 8/13/20 at 04:54 PM
The Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize Spin Cafe as the Chamber’s Business of the Month for July. Recently, owners Vincent and Joline Esposito have added many changes to keep their customers safe including social distancing and outdoor seating. Since 2006 Spin Café has been known for their fun, fresh, delicious flavors, and homemade gelato. Learn more about Spin Cafe and why the Heber Valley is a great place to do business at

Heber Light and Power June Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 6/26/20 at 04:03 PM
Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic many people had to make a lot of changes to adapt. Families found themselves at home more during the day and at night. Spare bedrooms and kitchen tables became home offices or classrooms for the kids. Many started to connect digitally with each other to maintain some form of social contact. Even as technology has made it so easy to work from home and connect with others digitally, all those things would not be possible without the electric power that comes so seamlessly into our homes.  

Midway Bakery May 2020 Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 6/19/20 at 10:33 AM
The Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce recognizes the Midway Bakery as the May 2020 Business of the Month. The Midway Bakery opened a little over 2 years ago next door to Spruce Home Décor. The bakery is family owned and operated, employees who are not family might as well be.

Timber Knives March 2020 Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 3/20/20 at 12:02 PM
The Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce recognizes Timber Knives as the March 2020 Business of the Month. Timber Knives opened their store at 350 South Main Street in Heber last spring. They specialize in knives, axes, kitchen cutlery – anything with an edge. They also offer engraving and sharpening services.

Zermatt Resort February 2020 Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 2/21/20 at 02:25 PM
The Zermatt Resort is one of the largest private employers in Wasatch County and has created a thriving work environment, while also creating an amazing place to visit and recharge. Their contributions to community programs, Chamber efforts, and their contribution to the local economy has earned them recognition as the February Business of the Month.

Soldier Hollow January 2020 Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 1/21/20 at 04:21 PM
For our first business of the month of the new year, Soldier Hollow Nordic Center seemed like perfect fit as they help draw scores of people to the Heber Valley during the winter. When a lot of places around the Heber Valley quiet down during the winter season, Soldier Hollow Nordic Center comes alive!

Heber Valley Winter Wonderland Featured on Local News Station

  • Posted On: 12/23/19 at 08:52 AM
One of Salt Lake City's popular morning shows recently feature the Heber Vallley during a full episode. Heber Valley offers a one of the best Winter Wonderland experiences in all of Utah. With so much to do you'll never run out of fun things to keep the family happy this winter.

Fill'er Up Coffee December Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 11/26/19 at 10:47 AM
Walk in to Fill’er Up Coffee Station along Midway Main Street and you’re greeted to an eclectic style and design that is all at once inviting, charming, engaging and even nostalgic. Everything about Fill’er Up is about providing a welcoming atmosphere while sipping on a hot espresso, or nibbling on a freshly baked quiche. For owners Millie and Roger Medby, seeing their customers enjoying the food and the ambiance is a dream come true.

Lux Teeth Whitening November Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 11/6/19 at 03:46 PM
A smile. It’s the universal sign for confidence, joy and friendship. A warm smile has the power to lift a weary soul. Smiling is so universal it even has its own punctuation. :-) With all that is riding on a confident smile, it’s no wonder why Trisity Andra, owner of Lux Teeth Whitening, enjoys what she does so much.

Lola's Street Kitchen October Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 10/7/19 at 05:56 PM
Any chef will tell you when it comes to making great tasting, quality food, it not only takes great tasting and quality ingredients but knowing how to combine those flavors to make them work together instead of competing against each other. The story of Lola’s Street Kitchen works much in the same way.

Karl Malone Auto September Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 9/2/19 at 03:18 PM
Most people who grew up in Utah in the 1990s Karl Malone is a household name. He and John Stockton were two basketball legends that led the Utah Jazz to back-to-back NBA Finals appearances in 1997 and 1998. Today, Karl is known in the Heber Valley not only for his hard work on the court, but his hard work and compassion in the community.

Bank of Utah August Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 7/31/19 at 05:47 PM
Financial products have a lot of intricacies. Many different factors are taken into account to make quality decisions. Communities are in some ways just as intricate and nuanced as any financial product. For local banks, like Bank of Utah, they make it their priority to know the complexities of both, because more often than not they are tied together.

Mountainland Auto Sales July Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 7/2/19 at 03:37 PM
Sometimes things just get in your blood and are passed down from generation to generation. Most of the time it’s a trait such as hair color, or a smile, or even a quirky laugh. Sometimes the thing that gets passed down is passion, integrity, and doing good for others. Though they aren’t physical traits they can nevertheless be passed down and taught from one generation to another. Shane Clegg, owner of Mountainland Auto Sales in Heber City, has inherited many traits from his family, but the one that drives him today is his passion for cars.

Sorensen Insurance June Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 6/7/19 at 10:28 AM
Rob Sorensen, of Sorensen Insurance, has been in the Heber Valley offering Bear River Mutual Insurance since 2003. Always wanting to be in the financial industry in some degree, he was encouraged by his father to start a Bear River branch in the Heber Valley. The idea was simple enough, provide a quality product with good pricing to the community. The opportunity sounded interesting to him, because as someone who gets “antsy” for a change, starting his own business offered plenty variety.

2nd Annual Economic Summit builds off of first year's success

  • Posted On: 6/5/19 at 02:09 PM
The second annual Wasatch Back Economic Summit held on Thursday, May 30 at the Dejoria Center in Kamas attracted a sell out crowd with well over 350 attendees gathered to hear about growth, development, challenges and opportunities in Summit and Wasatch counties.

Midway Mercantile May Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 5/3/19 at 04:16 PM
Long before John Platt, executive chef at Midway Mercantile, ever put on an apron, or concocted his first recipe, he was an English literature teacher. As he taught the classics from writers like Henry David Thoreau and Ralph Waldo Emerson their words began to stir inside him and he began to ask himself what is his passion.

America First April Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 4/5/19 at 02:41 PM
The Golden rule: treat everyone as you would want to be treated. Seems simple enough. At the Heber City branch of America First Credit Union they live by this motto, and they take it to the next level with a “people helping people” philosophy.

Get to Know: Abe Neerings Plumbing

  • Posted On: 4/2/19 at 02:39 PM
Take a moment to get to know the Neerings family at Abe Neerings and Son Heating and Plumbing. They have been serving Wasatch and Summit Counties since 1960 from their offices in Midway. They are locally owned and operated and work with both home owners and commercial customers. They are experts with plumbing and HVAC solutions.

Quench It! March Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 3/11/19 at 03:58 PM
Happiness. It comes in many different forms and from many different sources. For Erika Stover, who owns and operates a local drive through drink stop called Quench It!, she serves happiness in the form of a mixed soda and deliciously sweet treats. She must be on to something, because given the quick rise to and sustained popularity Stover and her team really must be serving up happiness.

Mountainland One Stop February Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 2/7/19 at 11:26 AM
If you don’t know the business Mountainland One Stop on the corner of Main Street and 1200 South by name you know where it is because you know the dinosaur in town with the funny outfits. As fun and friendly as dinosaur on the street is, the owner behind the dinosaur is just as fun and friendly.

A year in review: 2018 Annual Report

  • Posted On: 1/21/19 at 10:56 AM
From January through December of 2018, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce supported 22 ribbon cuttings, grand openings, and ground breakings. In addition to continuing to be one of the fastest growing counties in the United States, Wasatch County has also seen significant levels of business investment and expansion—much of which is highlighted in the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Annual Report.

Grand Valley Bank Named January Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 1/10/19 at 12:48 PM
In today’s day and age there is so much you can do online from purchasing clothes to buying groceries, but there is one thing that may be still important to do in person: banking. The internet has even made banking so much easier for all of us with mobile deposits, paying back friends, and even enjoying a street market without cash. Banking, however, the actual transactions of loans, savings, investing, and planning, still has tremendous value in person to person transactions.

Heber Appliance named December 2018 Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 12/4/18 at 12:30 PM
In this day and age, it can be rare to see a family owned and operated business. It seems like the recipe for success is to move to a corporate model in which local stores have little to no say how they interact with the community. That’s not the case for brothers, Derrick and Kyle Hendrickson of Heber Park City Appliance. They have found success in just the opposite: connecting to the community, getting to know their clients, and treating each other with respect.

Women In Business Luncheon

  • Posted On: 11/27/18 at 12:05 PM
Last week, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce hosted a “Women in Business” forum in which four prominent women from a variety of backgrounds shared their experiences in hopes to help out and inspire others. We wanted to share some of their insights with you.

Special Event Cooperative Grant Program

  • Posted On: 11/15/18 at 04:32 PM
We are excited to announce the application period for the 2019 cooperative marketing program grant has officially opened. This year you will have until January 1, 2019 to submit your application. Each year, Wasatch County generously provides grant monies to increase tourism awareness and overnight stays in the Heber Valley. Through an appointed advisory board, grant monies are allocated to event organizers based on merit, need, and the potential of attracting a significant number of overnight visitors to the area.

Get To Know: Park City Television

  • Posted On: 11/13/18 at 02:32 PM
Take a moment to get to know Danielle Turner at Park City Television. Park City Television is High Altitude Entertainment. Their daily live shows are a glimpse into the lives of those who call the Wasatch Back home. Their directory-based shows help inform visitors where to stop and dine during their stay. Tune in and see what all the excitement is about.

Hospital named November Business of the Month

  • Posted On: 11/13/18 at 09:21 AM
As the population grows so does the demand on the health care system at all levels, from bumps and bruises, to strokes and heart failure. Preparing for and anticipating these types of changes has been at the core of the mission of the Heber Valley Hospital over the past several years.

Wasatch County Open Space Bond

  • Posted On: 10/15/18 at 03:27 PM
This November Citizens of Wasatch County have an opportunity to vote on a bond to preserve open space. This bond has many different aspects to consider. Take a few moments to get familiar with what is being purposed.