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Business Spotlight: Bobby Lawrence Karate Reopening

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Dec 01, 2014

There aren’t many people who open a business at the age of 18, and there are even fewer who remain in business seven years later, but for Malia Marcus of Bobby Lawrence Karate in Heber this has been her story.

When Malia opened her first karate studio seven years ago at the tender age of 18, with her mother as a co-signer, she wasn’t looking to be a young entrepreneur so much as doing something she loved – practicing and teaching martial arts.

Marcus has been practicing Bobby Lawrence style of martial arts for 20 years and loves teaching this style because of the emphasis it has on leadership and building character as well as self-defense.

The road to becoming a certified Bobby Lawrence instructor is not an easy one. Even today she and other karate school owners still have ongoing training and instruction in which they practice the art and learn ways to keep students engaged in the course.

The new school at 855 South 600 West in Heber is a new chapter in Malia story. Over the years she has seen increased success and more students joining the school, creating a need for a space that is better capable of meeting the needs of a karate studio.

Malia and program director Jamie Harris are excited about the new opportunity a new facility brings to their school and the additional training experiences they can provide to their students. For more information about Malia and Bobby Lawrence Karate go to or call 435-200-3255. 



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