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Welcome to the Ice

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Dec 31, 2013
Things to Do

Welcome to a winter wonderland of ice in Midway, Utah. Nestled in this little mountain town is the Midway Town Square that has been transformed into a playground of the Midway Ice Rink.

Our family spent an evening skating at the Midway Ice Rink. The rink manager Bryce was so kind and patient as we figured out skate sizes for adults and the kids. They offered two kinds of skates; ice hockey or figure skating. Both offer solid and stable support for the novice skaters. This was the first time on ice for my five year old and we weren’t sure how she would do. Our concerns quickly dissolved when we stepped onto the ice and found stands that she could use for support.  As we skated into the evening, groups small and large filtered onto the ice, but we never felt crowded. Kids played tag, adults skated arm in arm and smaller children hung to the wall for security as they shuffled their skates along the cool ice.  The warmer hut was a great place to change from boots to skates, sit down and rest or watch from the window.