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Business Spotlight: Wasatch Chiropractic

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Jan 06, 2014
Business Spotlight

Imagine having a family with 17 successful chiropractors as your mentors.  For Dr. Steve Frogley of Wasatch Chiropractic, a decision to pursue a business outside of chiropractic care was a bit unusual.  Instead, Steve became the vice president of marketing for an industrial equipment company—a good career in worldly standards—but realized his heart was in helping people.  Looking to his family for inspiration, Steve left the corporate world and returned to school where he spent six years to become a chiropractor.  

Steve can now draw upon his business experience to manage Wasatch Chiropractic which he purchased in 2010 and where he practiced for the past four years.  Steve chose the Heber Valley as a place to do business because of its beautiful surroundings, the small town atmosphere, the many recreational opportunities, and the local people who he calls “some of the best in the world.”

Many services are offered at Wasatch Chiropractic, including spinal adjustments, spinal decompression, massage therapy, cold laser for pain relief and accelerated healing, Standard Process supplements, many forms of spinal corrective traction, rehabilitative exercises and patient EDUCATION, custom orthotics and nutritional counselling. The office’s two doctors specialize in sports injuries and extremity work, including the structural correction and neurology involved in shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist, hip, ankle and foot pain/injuries.  Besides, they believe their massage therapists are some of the best around!

According to Steve, structural correction through spinal adjustments, soft tissue work, rehabilitative exercises, and proper stretching and strengthening are what get patients long term relief. One of their main goals in patient care is to work WITH their patients to help them understand not only their pain but also the steps necessary on their part to manage/eliminate that condition/pain. Wasatch Chiropractic likes their patients to leave better educated on spinal structure, causes of inflammation (including dietary, stress, bad habits etc) and what they can change... So expect a little homework;)

In thinking about what sets them apart from their competition, Steve said the following:  “Chiropractors go into chiropractic because they care and that can definitely be felt in our office. We care! Although, we hope this is evident in every visit, what sets us apart as chiropractors is our emphasis on research-based care. We claim to understand musculo-skeletal structure and neurological function as well as anyone and feel we can correct it better! We teach our patients how to continue to maintain or improve it, but we don't claim to be able to correct or cure every condition. Don't get us wrong, we LOVE patient testimonials, but when it comes to integration with the health community in the valley, we have some fantastic surgeons, medical doctors, PA's and physical therapists and we refer to them regularly! Let's put it this way, if your teenage football player dislocated his shoulder or broke his arm, COULD I reduce the dislocation or set the bone? Probably, if it was legal in the state of Utah, but I DON'T do it regularly so I refer to you the hospital where they do. If there's a cancer diagnosis, please visit an oncologist. If you have headaches, neck or low back pain, sports and extremity injuries or any form of musculo-skeletal pain, start with us!

To learn more about Wasatch Chiropractic, stop by their office located at 906 South Main Street in Heber, visit their Facebook page, check out their website:, or call them at (435) 654-3032 for a free consultation.