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Get to Know: Tips and Piggies

Posted On
Feb 05, 2019

Take a moment to get to know Vanessa and Raquel Horrocks of Tips N Piggies. These young entrepreneurs are our youngest businesses owners in the Chamber. After completing her formal beauty training in manicures and pedicures, Vanessa and Raquel began looking for jobs as technicians in local salons. Finding that positions were hard to come by they took matters into their own hands to start a business. As young business owners they have learned the difficulties and complexities of owning their own business. Vanessa and Raquel both really enjoy doing nails and getting to know their customers. As the business grows Vanessa hopes to earn money to go to veterinarian school and Racquel will continue down the beauty path with more training to provide more services. 

Read on to see what else Vanessa does.

Tips N Piggies
190 North Main Street Heber

What does your business do?

Manicures and Pedicures

How many people work at your place of business?


How long has your business been operating?

3 months

What do you do and how do you specialize in that area? What makes your business unique?

We do amazing manicures and pedicures. With your mani or pedi you can choose if you'd like regular polish or gel. Unfortunately, we don’t do acrylics or gel enhancements. We have a new substance to remove calluses on your feet, it leaves them smooth and soft.

What is the story on how and why you started your business?

My sister and I went into Bonnie Joseph Academy for nail school for their two for one deal. We started in April of 2017 and graduated August 2017. After we got our licenses we looked for nail technician positions, but there wasn’t any place for us, so we decided to start our own business.

What are the benefits of being a part of the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce?

To be able to get our new business name out there for people to know we are here.

Why did you decide to become a member of the chamber?

Facebook just wasn’t getting us enough clientele and we heard the chamber was a good way to go.

Who are your clients/customers? Who do you serve?

Children, men, and women. Anyone can enjoy a mani or pedi!

Share a few sentences about your family and your hobbies outside of work?

We ride horses and go hunting. You most likely wouldn’t guess us for the nail tech kind of girls.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments in your professional and personal life?

Being able to start a business this early in life has been a big accomplishment.

What has been your favorite Heber Valley activity?

Bowling or enjoying the scenery.

What drives you to do what you do for a living?

We do this for the experience, the fun, communication with new people, and to have a little extra spending money.

The Chamber of Commerce will spotlight a Chamber member each month on our website and in our newsletter. This is a chance to get to know some of our businesses, and the people who run them, a little better. If you are interested in having your business spotlighted, please send an email to [email protected]